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Tempest Update Sets - For Special Hobby & Pacific Coast Kits

1:32 Special Hobby



Special Hobby have recently released both a super detailed, and basic Tempest kit in 1.32. For those who have either of these kits, or the Pacific Coast kit they have now released a series of upgrade sets under their CMK label. 



Pilot's Seats

These seats are direct replacements for the kit seats and available with or without belts.


Pilot's Seat With Harness                                                                   Pilot's Seat




bin.jpg                                                                          bin.jpg



Landing Gear

These sets are a direct replacement for the kit parts. The legs are made from strengthen resin. The main gear set contains the gear legs and the tail wheel set contains the leg and a new resin tail wheel.


                                       Tail Wheel with Strengthened Leg                                                                        Main Undercarriage Legs




bin.jpg                                                                          bin.jpg



Cannon Barrels

Here the modeller has a choice for late barrels. There is a set of small barrel to put into the wing, or a set moulded into the wing leading edge. For the early aircraft a full set of barrels is included.


                                       Cannon Barrels With Wing Leading Edge                                                                       Early & Late Cannon Barrels





bin.jpg                                                                          bin.jpg




Control Column

This is a new multi part control column with added photo-etched parts.


Control Column








Here the modeller has a choice of a Type I Mk.III gunsight or a Gyro Gunsight. MKII. The Gyro sight comes with photo-etch parts and clear film. 


                                                  Gunsight Type I Mk.III                                                                                             Gyro Gunsight Mk.II




bin.jpg                                                                          bin.jpg



Here the modeller has a choice of a Early and late wheels as needed. They are moulded with a slight bulge on the ground contact surface.


                                                      Early Wheels                                                                                                                              Late Wheels




bin.jpg                                                                          bin.jpg


Special Hobby have certainly produced a lot of sets for the tempest. The resin quality is excellent, not something which can be said of the packaging. The flat packs are alright for most items, however the seats need to be in box type packaging as they had already escaped by the time they reached me. Overall highly recommended. 




Review sample courtesy of


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