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Alien Queen ready for battle.

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wow!!! I don't want to come across as gushing but that is insanely awesome - I love it. The Bishop is a nice touch. Just need a small Newt to be crawling below a grate. You cant say your airbrush skills lack in any way - they are way better than mine for sure

The Queen isn't to scale with the loader is it? It seems that the loader is bigger than it should be, but to be quite honest - who cares?! The whole scene looks awesome!! Its a masterful repaint of such an iconic creature

I want them both on my shelf

Great stuff Andy




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Thank you everyone.

Madhatter,Regarding the scale,the queen and power-loader are apparently to scale,the power loader comes in at about 10 feet high,the queen about 14 feet high(according to the Cinefex aliens magazine)Although,she appeared much bigger on screen' when you get them up close and personal it looks more "film like"

Madmonk,I,m afraid she is,the only misstep in an iconic creature design

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Great job! The painting of the queen is superb, with a lovely finish. Yeah, the film definitely made the queen look bigger in some shots, but  the final scene with the queen hanging on to Ripley's leg shows the truer scale.


As for the film itself, there's always one bit that cracks me up, and that's when Ripley first moves into the queen's nest. She stops suddenly having seen the queen's ovipositor (her bottom end to the uneducated) some distance away, and stares in terror and awe as eggs are laid, then slowly, very slowly, her eyes (and the camera) slowly pan up the 'tail' and across and up until she see's the queen's head and dripping mouth, a few feet above head height and almost within touching distance. Now call me cynical, but I think that I for one would have noticed the things blooming great head first, and wouldn't have stood for a good few seconds staring at the 'distant bottom'.


Anyway, again, a smashing job!

Thanks for sharing,


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