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Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3

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Hello everybody,

Here's my 1/48 Tamiya Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3, it represent the E-3 of Günther Lutzow, one of favourites german pilots. It depict the A/C in the battle of France.

In late 1940 May, the german used an ALG named "Feldflugplatz Philippeville" situated at less than a mile from my home. It has been used by Stab, I and II JG3 for a few days

then it has been used has a collection point for downed german Aircraft in the vicinity.

Basically, the kit has been made "from the box", except for an Ultracast seat, and decals from differents sheet.

Paint used are from Lifecolor.

The kills markings has been modified to correspond to the period.

Thanks for watching.



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Thank you all,

I always try to have an history to fit my kits, this 109 is special since I have some pics.

Not of this one specifically, but some other of the I/JG3 and the place has remained untouched since 1940.

And yes, splinter camo is eye catching in the early years of WWII.

Will show my Seafire next.

Thank you again.


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I will present it on a patch of grass with two figures, still on my painting bench.

And put a photo of the place behind, may be funny...

Corsair corp

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Hey Gents !!

It is about 4 years now that I start strolling on BM !!

I wish to thank you all for the support !!

Tank you for the jokes, banter and other assorted lunacies !!

BM is really a great source of inspiration !!



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