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1/72 OA-4M SkyHawk by Fujimi

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Hello everyone, this is another model I did since my last WIP. I used pretty much the same paints as in the Kfir but I didn't follow the paint scheme exactly. I simplified it for the sake of enjoyability. Once again, I used Mr Color lacquer paint which are the best for brush painting in all aspects. It's like rediscovering the hobby, really. I did use, though, enamels for the cockpit, the landing gears and the small stuff in general because it has its advantages.


This is actually the second time I make a SkyHawk, the first time being when I was a kid. Interestingly, it was the jet I played with the most. I practiced a lot of take offs and landings with it.











I decided just before applying the decals to have the air-brakes closed which meant snapping them of and giving it a go with the putty, which I'm not very good at. For what I've seen so far, Fujimi offers a lot of details and parts but the precision is lacking in comparison to Hasegawa.


I hope you like!


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23 hours ago, Dave N said:

Very nice work!     you don't often see the two seat version- well done.




And for what I read, you wouldnt see.this version in real life a lot either.


The instruction booklet says only 23 TA-4Fs were converted to this standard.

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