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@Hi All.


Now the title may give this away but let me expand! I was driving home last night and thinking about FAA (Tony sea venom started this actually, so this is your fault Tony) and how many great subject there are and this made my thoughts turn to the tiny walrus's on my airfix HMS Belfast (that i haven't built).... this than made me think about a navy GB.... I cant remember on being done or put forward, but then i haven't been here that long.


So the parameters of the GB:


ANYTHING that has or is under the command of A NAVY....anywhere....


To clarify, it has to be real, no what ifs (there's a GB for that :)) and you can prove that it is under the command of a navy, the navy has to be real as well!


the world is your oyster (see what i did there) really, figures of armed forces in the navy, aircraft, boats, veihcles, subs, the funny russian jet boat planes (were they in the navy) seal team 6 fast roping from a helicopter even.....as long as it served in the navy.


Fully away this will miss the next vote, but at least that gives it time to gather any intrest.


Please let me know your thoughts




1. @Rob85

2. @theplasticsurgeon

3. @vppelt68

4. @modelling minion

5. @helios16v

6. @NotDaMama

7. @Corsairfoxfouruncle

8. @Romeo Alpha Yankee

9. @trickyrich

10. @Valkyrie

11. @Paul Bradley

12. @Beazer

13. @Col.

14. @Grandboof

15. @Jb65rams

16. @Grey Beema


18. @Ray S

19. @jrlx

20. @CliffB (sorry)

21. @DaveyGair

22. @825

23. @Dansk

24. @zebra

25. @Paul821

26. @dnl42

27. @exdraken

28. @theplasticsurgeon

29. @Stew Dapple

30. @Jabba

31. @Ernie

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I seem to remember many years ago there was a 'World Naval Forces' GB, which was fun to partake in. In fact if we could include a KUTA mode I could maybe finish off the ship I was building for that last one! :analintruder: Any way looking at my stash it would be rude not to!



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Cheers all for the interest.


the scope is rather wide, but I feel this has enriched a lot of GB's, the MTO has a large scope and the diorama (can spell it's actual name) GB was incredibly diverse and but are excellent and eye opening.


christer A, yes FAA is very much welcome!


when I get back I will look at starting a list.



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Perfect place for part of my CVW-11 commemoration build. :)  Already have an E-2, EA-6B, F-14A, F/A-18C, ES-3A, A-6E, and a KA-6D in the stash.....along w/ a USS Kitty Hawk.

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Look it's not even at sea!! 


Can an I add you to the list then Julien?


jamie, it goes without saying (but i will) that it's great to have you on board (there are so many navy puns you do them by mistake!! )


if if we get this through I might go for two firsts, a boat and a helicopter.....



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