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MTB Ident Info Required

Paul Bradley

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This was just posted on a Facebook group I belong to - it is a Royal Navy MTB based at Hvar, Croatia, in 1943. There is a small number '97' on the wind break, but does that mean it is MTB 97, or is it a squadron number? Can anyone identify the boat and what colour scheme it might be wearing, please?



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Hi Paul,


Looks like it could be MTB97, one of a batch (73-98) ordered May '40 and delivered late '41 to summer '42.


It appears to have a couple of local modifications. The wings coming of the bridge area appear extended. It also looks like she has a 20mm Breda added to the fore deck.



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3 hours ago, Shar2 said:

Acording to Coastal Craft History on Vospers MTB 97 was painted 507B overall.


507B - Vallejo 70.900 French Mirage Blue is a good match

Black below waterline



Early '44 , MTB97 & Fairmile D MGB662 sank a small tanker and sailing vessel off west coast of Italy.

June '44 serving with the 24th Special Service Flotilla supporting special forces along the east coast of Italy and the Adriatic.

Info from 'Coastal Craft History Vol 1 by Mark Smith' . A good buy for anyone into Coastal Forces


20mm Breda available from Italeri. They were a land based weapon and we bolted to the deck. A common mod in the Meddy.



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Apparently, the Italeri one has a deck-mounting plate included, so I'm assuming that's the right one - and I ordered one from Hannants today. Not sure what I'm going to do with the horse though......


Thanks for all the help today, guys - that's what makes Britmodeller such a great site.

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