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Just started my latest big Project: Trumpeter 1/200 Bismarck, before was the infamous Trumpeter 1/16 KT. 


I've wanted to build this model as it's a masterpiece in this scale and I've been very inspired by the impressive Bismarck and her history. Lots of people have already done some very nice builds. But here goes..... My first attempt at Naval, as everything before has been AFV, SCi-FI and Aircraft.


Dry fit only....fit of parts is fantastic.






More to come shortly.............


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On 10/23/2016 at 9:17 AM, Gremlin56 said:



This was about a year into the build. Still have to fit some ventilators and the main deck railings.

Hi Julian,


Did you use any AM decks like Mk.1 or Pontos?


You build does look good, did you have a build thread?



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I used the Mk.1 set for the build. There are still fragments of the build over at Starkweather's site:




A lot of photos got lost when I dumped Photobucket and since I left Starkie's place the build thread has become badly fragmented. I do still have the complete set of photo's I took during the build and I really enjoyed this review of the Mk.1 set I did:


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Some more progress over the weekend:


Smaller PE and sub assemblies, not finished....




The main Ship and all the sub assemblies are dry fit only. But i've got a good idea about the stand and wooden base ill use for the display.


Have to say Trumpeter's Bismarck  looks very impressive just built up from "Out of the Box" parts. The only addition so far is the main 38cm Barrels.


The Injection moulded versions are extremely good alternatives, If the modeller does not want to spend extra on Upgrade sets. No seems and drilled out barrels muzzles on even the 150mm secondary guns too.









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The Update:


Further build progress:




These gaps will need careful attention, some horizontal deck support to eliminate any sagging! gues some people leave the sprue trees in for support. Something vertical from the hull bottom could be best.








Stand mount adapters:








The M6 Insert - Epoxy bonded into oak blocks






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The Finished hull construction:








The proposed stand mount on a 1500mm x 250mm x 20mm oak board:






Just resting on the prototype stand mounts:









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The Painting begins:




Tamiya Nato Black for the Waterline, works well as it's not meant to be black but a very dark grey according to the history of the Kriegsmarine marking and painting.




Some tidy up on the hull seems, required!




Pre shading has come out quite well, not easy to see in the poor light unfortunately 





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The Large oak base has now had it's final stand-offs mounted.


I chose to use aluminium shafts with internal Plastic spacers (collars). The Aluminium shafts have been carefully rubbed down to remove any imperfections and blemishes in the cutting process.


The whole shaft is attached through the centre with a long M6 bolt (countersunk underneath the base) The are then crowned with large M6 Neoprene Washers.


The Idea behind the washers is to hold the bolts and provide a soft membrane between the supports and the delicate Bismarck hull: 






More painting progress:



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Next, could not wait to see how successful the PONTOS wooden deck was going to be?!?








Getting carried away...... a test fit to get an idea of how this is beginning to turn out:








Starting to look like a Battleship:






After the next couple of days the Markings were sprayed on the Front and Aft decks:











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The Superstructure, PONTO decks and railing detail is now under way too....














I am really enjoying building Trumpeters amazing Bismarck offering, I thought their 1/16 King Tiger could not be beaten!, the Aftermarket additions really do bring it to life. I could have painted the decks but i was curious to try MK.1 & Pontos for their offerings too.


The MK1 metal barrels are nice but certainly not a must. The Kits 380mm / 150mm and smaller guns are very good mouldings and would look great out of the box. They even have drilled out muzzles too. The Metal versions just makes clean-up a lot easier. The Wooden decks are very nicely done and an ease to use too. Saves a lot of bench time. But again trumpeter's deck detail is superb! so an airbrush will bring very good results there too. Infact i've seen a lot of people painting their own decks with some very convincing results.

The Structural railings although fiddly and very time consuming are a must IMHO. Blast bags for the Main armament and 150mm are also a nice addition.


I'm not a fan of PE as it's extremely time consuming and very nerve racking!!! I have never done so much PE work in all my time of modelling but it's results are paying off.


More updates to follow......

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Very good progress being made here (something like this would take me years), and looking like all is to a very good standard.


I'm watching with interest now, to see another one of my life long favourite ships being built.

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