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Zvezda Star Destroyer

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Just had these pop up on Facebook from Zvezda.  Box artwork and some pictures of the test build parts.










Post says it will be available December 2016 and be about 60cm long!!!


Yeah baby!!





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I find it oddly interesting (or something) that they're making kits of props that were made from pieces of kits. I wonder if the original maker of the kit parts used has a claim for copyright issues?

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Its not that unusual, the Thunderbird Mole kit from Aoshima I built contains an entire Airfix/Dapol girder bridge 




and the Eagle Transporter has bits of Airfix Saturn 5, Tamiya Tiger and Panther Tank  all over it





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On 22/10/2016 at 0:06 AM, Kallisti said:

This might even persuade me to do a Star Wars model :D

agreed! I may break my own imposed SW embargo and buy one because it looks that good

At 60cm, it'd be roughly about the same size as the Anigrand one wouldn't it?


I'm sure the full on SW fans/nerds/know-it-all's will be either finding some tissues right now or nit-picking holes in it before it's even launched. You know who you are....


I wonder how Zvezda got a license to do this kit? I thought only Bandai were allowed to officially make SW kits now - or is that old news and I have no idea?

Anyway, it is awesome to see what looks like a great kit of a SD to be released. Thanks any deity you like its not another X-Wing or TIE fighter. Hopefully, we may see some other capital ships come out of the Zvezda workshops? MC80 or a SSD maybe?

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3 hours ago, Madhatter said:


I wonder how Zvezda got a license to do this kit?



SW is now Disney.

Zvezda already had Disney licenses (Plane, Cars cartoons)


Anyway, I think I 'll get this one!



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This topic is also listed in the Rumormonger section.


There is a store in Germany which lists a SD from Revell as a gift set for 04/17 at 99 Euros... I do not think it is the same kit which is already announced by Revell at that price, so I suppose it will be a rebox of the Zvezda kit.


Link is here: https://www.zinnfigur.com/Modellbau/Neuheiten/Geschenkset-Imperial-Star-Destroyer.html


I will not buy multiples but one for sure (either from Zvezda or Revell).

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I apologize again Yandex translator ....
license from the Disney company "Zvezda" and on this model on individual circumstances.
if you think that the representative of the company - 3d model for production was approved by George Lucas personally.
I don't know why they can't agree with the "Bandai".
again - the words of the representative of the company, if the "Destroyer" will be a success, it is possible to work on other models SW.
in Russia the majority of modelers more interesting topic of domestic equipment - planes, tanks, cars, ships, etc.
the theme of science fiction interesting units, Yes, it probably does all over the world.
therefore, we must have sworn - it would be better Il-76 in 1/72 made (good plane, I do not argue - and no, it doesn't make Amodel - so-so quality).
but still - many of them are happy about this news.
about Revell SD, most likely, it will be their toy, but I could be wrong. and when they're going to do "Milenium Falcon" and X-Wing from FInemodels forms already bought ....


Oh, I'm sorry, but I can't exactly afford:

Millennium Falcon

Manufacturer: Revell
Manufacturer No.: 15093
Scale 1:72
unpainted, kit
Article not in stock
Article will be ordered at the manufacturer. Delivery time 1 - 2 weeks after availability.
Advance notice. Date of publication: Yet unknown. 
349,95 €*



on this I think, but it's still too expensive:

X-Wing Fighter

Manufacturer: Revell
Manufacturer No.: 15091
Scale 1:48
unpainted, kit
Article not in stock
Article will be ordered at the manufacturer. Delivery time is 3 - 4 weeks.
99,95 €*
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