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Miniart Modern U.S. Tank Crew 1/35


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Does anyone know when the new Miniart Modern U.S. Tank Crew is due to release? I considered using them with my Tamiya TUSK, but in not wanting to get rid of the figures that came with that I decided to scoop up an Academy TUSK for them. I'd checked a few times, but hadn't spotted any particular release date.


Cheers in advance :)



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On 10/20/2016 at 9:38 PM, Tzulscha said:

Would that be kit 37005?

My distributors are still listing them as 'To Be Announced' so at least another month or so

They've been listed since July...


My apologies for the late reply to this. Didn't receive any indication for it :o


I emailed Miniart a short while back, and then mentioned something like June/July of this year for release. I certainly hope they release, I bought an Abrams with intent to use them in and around it.



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On 1/25/2017 at 3:51 PM, Tzulscha said:

No apologies neccessary.

I expect you'll see them before I do anyway since you seem to a bit closer to the source.


Post some pix when they come in, I'm the nosey type.  ^_^


Hehe, I will :)



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