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1/144 Ilyushin IL-14 - more Amodel!


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OK a month to go on this GB so I will have a go at another model, seeing as the TU-104 is complete, bar a few aerials etc! I like the Amodel Russian subjects and they build into a decent representation of the real thing in my opinion.


Here goes - quick pics so I can get cracking later today.










Usual wobbly panel lines but its a simple looking kit and I think it will build quickly. Might use the Aeroflot kit decals, but not sure how good they are - anyone got any experience here?


Windows I hope to fill with the Humbrol stuff if they are not too big - will do a test later. I have the Amodel Il-12 so I may build that alongside in a production line style! Again decals look questionable but what are the aftermarket options?

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Brief update. Wings now assembled and looking at the engines. 




Now this is supposed to represent the engine exhausts.....




Check the real thing:




So we will need to do a wee bit of scratchbuilding here


Fuselages sides prepared before they are glued together - lead weights superglued in as it will be a tail-sitter for sure! I also filled the nose with filler as I want to drill out later for the landing lights in the nose.




The scoop below the engine requires some sort of grille - so another wee improvement required.




Overall the kit is a fine shape but the small parts are often just a hint of what the real thing looks like, being probably due to the production limits of short run kits. Enjoying it so far tho!



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Small update - cockpit glazing glued in place, filling, sanding continues, engine cowlings on and exhausts finished with brass tube of different sizes!






Looking like an Il-14!


F-RSIN Malev decals arrived so I could use these, but the windows are decals and I had anticipated filling mine with clear glaze.....


Oh and hope I have enough lead weight in the front end!

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