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RCN Sea Fury FB.11 colour question...

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Hi all.....while looking for some info about RCN Sea Furies, I've found a very colourful example:



What keeps me confused is the undersides colour..accordingto that colour profile, it should be Sky, instead of RCN grey....what do you think about it...???

On the other hand, what colour would be a good match for the said RCN grey????

TIA and best regards....

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Thank you very much for that link.....more info than I expected...!!!!

The aircraft shown in the profile above was TG117 (VG-ZZA), wich, according to the provided info, belongs to the first delivered batch, so it should have sported Pattern I camouflage scheme, so if we assume that it was later repainted in Pattern II (as shown), it would hve been painted in the canadian colours, changing from Sky to RCN grey.... It also says that "One aircraft of the 1948 batch (TG117), as well as several of the 1949 batch (VW serials) and all of the 1950 batch (VX serials) wore the revised RN scheme most commonly associated with the Sea Fury. The colors remained EDSG/Sky, but the demarcation line on the fuselage was moved much higher, and the vertical fin was now Sky as well"....

So I'm asuming now that the colour profile is correct for TG117, EDSG/Sky with high visibility orange panels....

Best regards...!!


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A bit of background on TG117:  In June 1949 it was participating in an airshow in Edmonton, was overstressed and had to be shipped to A>V>Roe , Canada for repairs.  Before being returned to the Test Flight at RCAF Namao, TG117 was repainted in the Canadian Dark Grey/Light Grey scheme with Red hi viz panels.  The two Greys were similar to but not exact match for EDSG/MSG



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