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Jan Polc

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Quick questions for Jan. Will the re-release of the Avro Tutor be soon?


Is the Dewoitine 510 on hold or now dropped (thinking it was maybe the ex- Pavla?).


All the best


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Avro Tutor is going to the distribution on Monday.

We also work on DHC Chipmunk in 1/72 scale it will come in January/February.



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6 hours ago, Jan Polc said:

Nice picture. Is it a suggestion that we have to do Yak? I remember Airfix planned to do Yak with external stores.....


Like a yoke, bridle, etc?

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This is unbuildable! The eyes are too small, it is depicted with a tricycle undercarriage and we all know it had two undercarriage legs both for & aft, the horns have too sharp a curve on them for a late model Yak which I think this is trying to be but its obvious from the photo that its .25mm short on overall length, .5mm too wide at the a**e end and a whopping 1.0mm too tall which makes it nearer to an early model Yak but still not perfect even if we allow for the thermal co-efficient of linear expansion for this time of year! Shocking! Somebody needs to have their collar well and truly felt over this, we have waited for years for the definitive Yak kit & this is so not it!


Upon further examination it also looks like they've even managed to include the wrong kind of pur muck, instead of being Yak kak it looks more like Gnu poo.

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Right, It has some minor issues. As usually. I think that the biggest problem is that we used some parts from Buffalo and Yak is not so much similar. But, imagine we could use parts from Goose for instance....

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While I'm proud to have my name associated with this bold new venture, I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist on royalties for it - our lawyers can hash out the details; however, I'm willing to consider merchandise, or substantial quantities of Czech Pilsner beer, in lieu of financial considerations.



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I just contacted via e-mail (I hope) everybody, who preordered MB-5 with free decals. If there is anybody among you, who did not receive my e-mail with details, please contact me at [email protected].

I would like also to ask for contact everybody of you who live outside Europe, let us clarify postage.

I am very sorry for delay, we were really full of distributor orders as it is Christmas time.


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Important notice - we are getting your payments and e-mails. I am so much busy that I can not answer personally. Sorry.

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Seasons greetings to you, your family and everyone at AZ.


PS. I hope that picture will actually be on an AZ box sometime in the new year... :whistle:



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A nice painting, would make a super print & as Simon says, a nice box top. (hint)

Thanks for all the updates through the year Jan, looking forward to more, all the best for the Christmas season to you & the AZ/KP team & your families, celebrate in safety.


PS Jason, settle down! ;):D Good idea though. :)

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