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1/144 Norwegian Boeing 737-800

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Not very many airliners on here at the moment so I thought I'd better finish off some of my shelf of doom fillers and post them!


This is the Revell 737-800 with corrected winglets and engine intakes. Decals are from Lima November which performed very well. Windows and windscreens are from Authentic Airliners. I have lightly weathered the wings although it isn't very visible in these pictures. The aircraft are generally kept fairly clean so I didn't want to over do it. The satcom housing was scratch built from a lump of styrene.


Norwegian Air Shuttle aircraft are decorated with famous Norwegians on their tails. LN-NOD has an image of Sonja Henie who was a famous figure skater in the 1930's and later a Hollywood actress.


This model has been sitting on the shelf of doom for years and was originally going to be in Flyglobespan livery but, as I often see Norwegian 737s flying over my house on their way into and out of MAN, I changed my mind.









I've just realised I have missed off the pitot tubes, damn! There's always something. The eagle eyed out there will have spotted that there are no landing lights, the reason for this is that I'm waiting to get hold of some of Werner Lehmann's new realistic landing light decals which will be released at Telford. Can't wait, they look so much better than currently available landing light decals.


Anyway, better get back to my Airliner GB entry which I have neglected for too long trying to finish this!







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Another real beauty Ian. Might have to get some of the window decals at Telford as they make such a difference to the completed model.

Coincidentally I'm sure John (Viking) has built the same aircraft.



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Fantastic as always Ian. :thumbsup:


I haven't had anything in RFI for a while because I'm up to my eyes with the day job and such modelling time as I've had has been devoted to my two GB entries.  At the other end of the 737 family from your wonderful -800 I have a Lufthansa 737-100 which is about 80% complete and might just make it by the end of the year!


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Beautiful work Ian and always nice to see a model escape from the shelf of doom. I too see these everyday, as I live beneath a holding pattern for flights into Gatwick, and have often thought I might build a Norwegian airliner. You've just inspired me to make it happen sooner rather than later!! I agree with you, airliners are a bit thin on the ground on BM at the moment, so thanks for posting your build, much appreciated.


Well done. :Tasty::thumbsup:



Kev :)

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Thanks for the great comments everyone!


Drew, you shouldn't have too long to wait as I have another shelf of doom project nearing completion as well as my Airliner GB project which is almost finished too.


Chris, you won't be disappointed with the window decals from AA. Did John's  NAX 738 have the same reg? That would be a coincidence!


Dave, looking forward to your LH 731 as well as the Donaldson Britannia and SAS Dc-6 of course!


Ray and Kev, I can recommend the Lima November decals they are first class. I picked mine up at Telford, LN have a stand there every year. If I did another I would mask and paint the blue and white on the winglets though as they were a p.i.t.a. to get straight! I'm not altogether happy with my winglet markings. 




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Nearly missed this one! Great to see something make it off the shelf of doom, I have a few candidtaes myself that need to be given the treatment.

You've doen a cracking job, and I'll be interested to see those landing light decals. the lights on this kit are always a pain to get looking half decent.






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