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Tupolev ANT-2 1/72 AirKits - COMPLETE


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The first soviet all metal passenger plane

More about the prototype: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tupolev_ANT-2

1/72 resin kit from AirKits


The kit is supplied with nicely moulded engine from Prop&Jet


Let's get started. Assembled the cabin and deepened the door on the port board. Also deepened one of the two semicircle pilot access steps, need to find a better way 


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A very nice choice Alexey. :thumbsup2: 


Whenever I see the Ant-2, and also a (loosely) similar looking Polish aircraft, the RWD-2, I can't help thinking of aircraft in Fritz Lang's film; Metropolis.


Beautiful shapes.


Looking forward to this




Best regards


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More about the kit:



I decided to build Monino machine as it is slightly more colourful than plain "kolchugaluminium" NMF:



Kolchugaluminium is early Soviet attempt to recreate duraluminium, the formula was different that gave the alloy characteristic yellowish tint


As seen on the photos the cabin inside is not corrugated but covered with leather sheets so I need to redo cabin interior.

This aircraft does not have pilot step holes either, so I need to fill in what I picked and restore corrugation. Not an easy task

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Coming along very nicely Alexey. The interior cabin colour is a very good match and the cockpit is nicely detailed.


I have to say at least it was 'equal opportunities' seating; it looks like pilot and passengers would have a equal chance of a bruised bottom in turbulence :o !


The aircraft reminds me of a Dornier too. Wonderful wing shape.


Could you advise on a reliable supplier of these airkits? They make some fascinating subjects.


Best regards


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Lovely Alexey :) 

What a beautiful little kit and you have done it great justice. The engine area in particular looks superb :thumbsup2: .


The silver finish is stunning.




Best regards


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What a great addition to the GB Alexey :goodjob:


I've got a Focke-Wulf A16 in my stash, which looks very similar.  It was presumably the way to go with airliner design back then....

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