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1/32 scale Tamiya Mosquito and Spitfire

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  • 2 weeks later...

 finally got the cockpit done up with the nose guns (by Eduard) and ready to put the 2 half's together, finally can see it take on that iconic shape. the nose guns by Eduard is absolutely amazing, i highly recommend the nose and belly guns for the mosquito FB.










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  • 3 months later...

Finally got the wings and engines on. Bungled up a little on the Mosquito's nose, the guns seem to be off centered. got to end up with some minor surgery/ correction. Cant wait to get to the painting, but still got lots of little bits to go.






Belly guns from Eduard






close up on the engines








Surgery underway to correct the nose



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moving onward, i thought of experimenting on glass coating. so its the all loved and trusted Klear, vs, Gauzy -




The Gauzy glass coat proved to be much more difficult to work with compared to Klear. its not as fluid as Klear and its milky in colour.. the technique is the same - ie: Drip Dry, but Klear glids across the clear plastic and Gauzy is more like condensed milk coating the clear parts.


The Gauzy coat had some clouding affects as the viscosity of coating starts to pool at the edges


I used Gauzy on the spitfire canopy and Klear on the Mosquito's canopy. my first run with Gauzy was a disaster. so i decided to give it a Windex bath and striped out the coating and tried again and this was the result




now to compare the Klear vs Gauzy


first up - Gauzy coating






i find there is a slight clouding- hopefully it will improve after drying for 1 day, if not, its another Windex bath time again


Next up is the Klear coating




the mosquito cockpit framing - without the canopy






after working with the 2 glass coating agents, i still feel that Klear is the better choice as its easier to work with and i think the transparency is slightly better than Gauzy? Any thoughts or experiences with your builds anyone? please share. thanks

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  • 2 weeks later...

Good lord! These are beautiful!


You are doing a superb job. I got given a $100 amazon gift card for my bday this weekend - and this thread very much has me coveting both models. Going to enjoy following this build!

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Thanks Guys,

yes, these 2 production by Tamiya are of the best quality out there, One thing about Tamiya is that you've got to have precision in mind though. everything's to to be dead center and every millimeter counts. if you dont get it close to absolutely right, something will pop up down the road and mess things up. I found that repainting stuff and assembling tends to have fit problems as every coat of paint build up will cause some fitting issues down the road. I think Tamiya has engineered their parts down to perfection scale.

it's really fun to work with lots of details, but tedious though, but who cares - its lots and lots of fun.

Thanks for the compliments guys. been struggling to have time to get to the finish line. got my spitfire all masked up and ready for primer and am now masking up the Mosquito. tons of masking required. hope to get them both primed up and ready for some weekend painting.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Finally some paint!!


started out by preshading the spit and the mossie




i recently bought the hasegawa 1/32 scale Fw 190d, with the engines from Aires, so i've decided to practice a bit of mottling on the spitfire preshading






tried to mimic some wood affects on the mossie








Finally some prep work- i am not confident on my free hand camo skills, so decided to try the white tack method

sprayed on the Ocean gray and prepped for the camo-






finally sprayed on the dark green






happy with it for now, next up to give it a go with the mossie.

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  • 2 weeks later...

busted my arm while ice skating with my little princess, so progress has been real slow, 2more weeks till the cast comes off




so , a little progress on the spitfire


got the guns and tail band painted






and finally got the mosquito ready for some camo




Edited by shan
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4 hours ago, shan said:

busted my arm while ice skating with my little princess, so progress has been real slow, 2more weeks till the cast comes off

Good luck for the arm

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thanks mates, for your well wishes,

gave the camo ago last night - turned out pretty ok i guess, except for some over feathering- need to do some rectification works







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  • 1 month later...

finally reached my fav part of the build - decals- but this had to happen?????





the decals cracked once the decal softener was applied? ???? what on earth happened?

so i've decided to order Roundel masks and try painting, so whilst waiting for the masks to reach, i went ahead and put in the decals for the top half of the model






the markings are for George Beurling's aircraft. it was from Hussar Production, stencils from HGW





Anyone need the left over Decals, pls PM me and i can have them sent over


Meanwhile i've also completed the Mosquito's decals. Decals are from EagleCal and stencils from HGW Models






got to start working on the landing gears now.

thanks for viewing.

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On 8/14/2017 at 5:34 PM, Alan P said:

I'm amazed you could still do so much with a broken arm and it still looks amazing!

Thanks Alan, slow and steady is the way to go, gets a bit challenging when it comes to masking intricate details. as my buddy said , i will remember these 2 as the ones completed with a broken arm. sure feels that way, the cast is removed last week, so back to high gear now. thanks again

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  • 4 weeks later...

Greetings all,

finally got some work done, but this time its a time for mishaps.

i got the roundell masks and started to work on the underwing roundels, but the masking tape snagged the roundel on the top side of the wing and ripped it. 2 layers of future is not going to protect the decal much.




got the bottom roundel masked and repainted




so i had to cut out masking tape carefully and repaint the top roundels




did some oil streaking




The mosquito on the other hand went on quite smoothly, to my relief....











latest mishap on the spitfire is that the antenna snapped in 2 and i cant find the other piece. thankfully i have joined a modellers group on facebook , https://www.facebook.com/groups/501095680043128/ ,

The Grumpy Old Scale Modellers Page. and Steen Hansen from Denmark is willing to part with his spare and have it shipped out to me. so looks like the Mosquito will be crossing the finish line first?

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