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1/144 Revell MiG-25 Foxbat

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When you have multiple projects in finalization phase, it is best to start a new one ;)


This kit is pretty basic (and based on what I gather, shape wise not entirely accurate), so there will be plenty of opportunities for improvement and scratch building.


Starting with air intakes which were sanded down a bit:




Cockpit will be scratch built, starting with this opening ;)




Nose gear bay will be rebuilt:




As well as main gear bays:




Biggest disappointment were decals, at least with my sample they're full of tiny gaps and will not be used. BTW are there any sets for 1/144 Foxbats?




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Some progress made. Removed details of bleed air doors - on aircraft they were inset:


As the fuselage is about 3 mm too short, I've added plastic blocks at the end:


And sanded them to rough shape:


Vertical stabilizers are too small so that needs fixing:


Ailerons are of completely wrong shape:


Wings seem to short - and they're positioned too aft:


And nose radar will have to be reshaped as well:


That's all for now ;)



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Small update, nose section was cut in 3 pieces:


Mid section was then expanded and sanded off:


Whereas radome will have to be rounded:


Basic shape of elevators is now done, whole surface will have to be sanded off and engraved from scratch:


Additionally, fan blades will be (hopefully) created from scratch:



That's all for now :)

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Jings! A lot of work required in a small space but I've a feeling this is one worth watching.

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  Very cool Tonka.  I have the Minicraft version on my shelf of doom.   That beastie looks like a completely different kit to this, I was under the impression they where the same.  I have no idea where I got that from?! Looking forward to seeing how you rebuild the landing gear bays. :)


  Kind Regards,



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Hi guys! Thanks for your comments, much appreciated :)

It's been a busy month, hence very little progress has been made on MiG.


Wings were cut off the fuselage in order to extend them accordingly:



Each wing was then extended, all panels will have to be re-scribed:



Vertical stabilizers were extended as well:



Intakes need some reshaping:



Main undercarriage tires are of correct size, but too thin:



Therefore, some tires from old Airbus A340 kit will be used instead (of course shaped to correct dimensions ;))



That's all for now :)


Oh, BTW: in case you haven't seen footage of low level flying with MiG-25: 


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Very interesting. Would be nice to see a side-to-side-comparison between the original kit and your improved MiG!




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