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1/48 HobbyBoss Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a/U3


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Hello fellow modellers!


I think the best way to introduce yourself to a new forum is to share some of your work. So here it is, my latest finished build which is the gorgeous Me 262 from Hobby Boss. It provides you with a nearly flawless fit and great details  for just around 20€. Nothing to complain about.

The only extras I've used are a set of Brassin wheels (Eduard 648106) and some wire for detailing the back of the instrument panel. Painting all that curly-wurly nearly left me nuts, but in the end I can live with the result (despite some splatter here and there). And yes, the ring antenna needs some adjustment. Got a bit lazy at the end.










Looking forward to your comments and criticism,

Torben :bye:

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Thank you all for your nice comments and the warm welcome. Much appreciated!


For those who are planning to build this recce version one advice: The kit shows three gun openings in the nose, one upper central and two lower ones.
The U3 ("Umbausatz 3") were mostly unarmed, only a few were fitted with the big 30mm MK 108 cannon in the central position. The lower two would have collied with the cameras in the lower nose section. So these holes are to be filled and sanded flush.

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