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1/72 - F-15E Strike Eagle - by G.W.H (GWH, Great Wall Hobby)


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On 23/09/2016 at 4:33 PM, foxmulder said:

I think this means it is only a matter of time until we see it in 1/48... They are taking their sweet time with that. We have 1/48 F-15I but nor an E .... ! ?? 

 Pretty much what I was gonna say :)

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20 hours ago, 172flogger said:


is Revell wrong?

No not at all, but the GWH Eagles are lovely :) albeit pricey and missles are a work of art. Hasegawa, Academy and Revell all do pretty good toolings of the Strike Eagle now but like everything another player to choose from is no bad thing!

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It does look very nice!!! :party:

You can see the gun loading box (IIRC) on the belly part, also they did not make great ugly walls in between the MLG doors that one needs to cut away. That is an interesting way of doing the fuse, wing halves molded in place and separated top & bottom. Also it looks like the CFTs are molded as part of the lower fuse bit. All in all it looks like they hit the nail on the head!!

All we need to see now is how many of these $$ we will part with!!?!

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