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Tiger Moth to Fox Moth

andy wood

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On 9/25/2016 at 11:49 AM, John Aero said:

I'm now trying to obtain of the right info to produce a corrected set of Fox Moth drawings. Little statements like, "The Fox Moth used Tiger.... "    They might be true, but only when analyzed properly.


Here's another one I have already solved. The DH.84 Dragon used Moth outer wing panels!   Yes this is true but again not as drawn in model publications...





This is really useful information, but I really like the fact that DH used Moth wings on Dragon! I just looked and...'who knew!'


Still planning a new fuselage build for my Silver Wings Tiger kit


Any updates?


Cheers guys and stay safe!


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I recently discovered that there is a Fox moth based at an airfield down the road from me. I am friends with one of the pilots that operates from there , so as soon as lockdown lifts I will have the opportunity to get up close with my camera and ruler

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Great aren't they! I flew in 'CEJ a few years ago and was amazed that because of the tapered in side windows the view forward from the passenger cabin is actually very good! And it was fun insulting the pilot through the gosport tube and the small circular window!



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