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Modern U.S. ARMY (1950/2016) Acrylic paint set.- AMMO of Mig Jiménez

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Modern U.S. ARMY (1950/2016) Acrylic paint set.
AMMO of Mig Jiménez




AMMO continue issuing new paint sets at a rate of knots, and are garnering some fans with the quality of the paint. The set arrives in the standard long cardboard box with a header to facilitate hanging on one of those merry-go-round display stands in shops. Inside is a clear tray that holds six dropper style paint pots neatly in the box, avoiding all the paints spilling out at once in a Donkey-Kong style. The bottles contain 17ml of paint, plus a stainless steel ball bearing for easy mixing of the paint by shaking. The yellow caps are indicative of the new BB equipped sets, which seem to be the norm these days from AMMO.


The colours in the box are as follows:
A.MIG-046 Matt Black, A.MIG-085 NATO Brown, A.MIG-025 FS33446 (modern desert colour), A.MIG-081 US Olive Drab, A.MIG-082 Interior Light Green, A.MIG-084 NATO Green.



These sets should be a welcome addition for the Modern AFV modeller, and an addition to anyone's range of colours. Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of

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Be aware that the Mig Ammo NATO Green is very dark. Compared to something like Tamiya NATO Green it almost looks like olive drab. Even the AK Real Color NATO Green, which is a tad darker than Tamiya, is quite a bit brighter.


I'm actually unsure how on the Mig Ammo site, where they have a step by step for doing NATO camo, the green turns out so bright on a black primer base without any mentioned highlight shades. I tested some just today on a white piece of plasticard, and it was still very olive drab-y.


I'm fact I'd say it looks pretty close to the green on Challenger II tanks over that of U.S. vehicles. NATO Green is always such a funny colour to get to look like the real thing. Closest I've gotten was to spray Tamiya directly onto grey plastic, then try and post-highlight it a little.



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