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Revell Hurricane 1/144th - daughter's first build with dad's help

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the crappy old  Revell 1/144th Hurricane,  done with my  daughter.

she did some basic assembly, and some  of the basic painting, and  helped with the decalling. 

I did the fine detail and touch up, but as far as she's concerned, she did it, she'll   be 6  in couple of weeks BTW.

(We  did  some snap  together Disney  Cars  and Planes a couple of years ago as well, which are great little  kits)

I'm happy  for he  to think of  it  as 'her' build  as it's encouraging, and  she  can paint pretty well already. 


Should  have shown how to deal with seams, but didn't realise how it would  develop, as this is the first kit  I've  got  to  decal since..erm, 1991...

brush painted with Humbrol acrylics,  Dark earth 26, as it's lighter, the Dark green is 163, (30  is far  too blue) and this  being semi  gloss was interesting when I gave it a coat of  Kleer, as there was a distinct   difference in sheen!

I did the 26 overall first, then pencilled in the camo  lines, which she filled in, and  I touched up.

undersides are 90, details done with Vallejo.  The paint does seem pretty gritty close  up.


Decals, the kit ones,  bedded down into Kleer,  late one evening in dim  light...as she  wanted  it  done,  and then a coat of Xtracrylix Matt, which is not as matt as I  had hoped.

She has a  laminated Battle  Of Britain place mat, (found in charity shop and subliminal dad programming)  and  she  spotted that the LE-D   was on the place mat...  I should get a photo of it  on that really.


The grass matt  she insisted on getting after Eastbourne Airshow when we went into Train Times model shop, it  was reduced. 

I took these early  evening in the garden last week.










The camera brings  out things  I can barely see even with reading glasses! 

It's really  is  a dreadful kit  of a Hurricane, but  we  have some more on the go and  some others stashed,  better  kits  too, so hopefully there will be  more  to  post in the  future.


I did take her along to Mid  Sussex IPMS, during the summer holidays and  she  really want to show  off her model, though might be  a bit late for a school night as we don't get back  till 10.






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I like it the Hurricane looks good and the grass mat with flowers sets it off nicely. 


Like you I enjoy building kits with my kids. They keep the whole modelling thing grounded. Any propensity to get too carried away with the details is soon forgotten. 


Keep it up


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Thanks for  all the positive comments,  I'll show  her the thread later...and give her a  nudge about working on  her reading..


On 18/09/2016 at 11:45, BIG X said:

That is really cute :clap2:well done.

Is this kit still available?  I have seen a Zvezda kit advertised - could it be a re-box?

The kit is a very old Revell kit, early 70's,  Scalemates says 1973


I built a  load as child...  I still have some built from my early teens in a box

It's scaled down from their 1/72nd kit.   As a accurate  Hurricane model is blinkin' awful!


The Zvezda is a new tool, but a simple kit, aimed more at wargamers.



If you want a 1/144th Hurricane, the Sweet  kit  are the way to go,


two in a box and accurate,  3 boxings, fabric wing, Battle of Britain aces and tropical.

All  the Sweet kits i have are little beauties,  I was kindly sent a FM-2  wildcat for her,   this boxing  has a bit of  flight deck, and a ground crew of....cats. 

She painted the cats a while back, I thought we'd  start on some cack kits as I'd  not be too upset  if they got wrecked,  but I have some better ones lined up, just getting times when she's focused enough to do them.



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Absolutely superb build! Well done her!

You probably weren't even around when she bought it, built it and painted it. Nowt to do with you so just disappear!


Mine is 12, she has the same outlook on life and the hundreds of models (*cough* two) she has managed to build.

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