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Navy-ation - Wasp The last post

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I am on the finishing straight with the Cab (No Crisp, not that kind of Cab) and will be showing pictures next week after 'club' night


They will be seeing it first and may throw it out (and so may you lot, who knows) 


So I have been kinda wondering what next and our Steve insisted I got back in here and 'did it'


So this afternoon whilst waiting for the postie with the new sill for the Midget I got out some plastic and began to play




In the words now banned from safe family conversation nowadays


"can you see what it is yet?"


Er howabout now?



Any guesses yet?


How about now?





Ah YOU think you have it...


Is it this?


I love my little Expo drill, Mrs P bought it for me many years ago


Still spins nicely even if slightly off its bearings these days, I should look into fixing it maybe new bearings needed


However, for nowP1110380.jpg


 Vary the speed by changing the transformer voltage, how primitive is that huh?  ;)



 You probably do know what's coming now when you see part two above



 Yes I am making another Nimbus


Compressor stage, burner stage and the gubbins at the back that drives the power shaft gearing (Impeller I think)


The 'fins' are the separate stages in the impeller tube that allow it to bolt together, last time round I wrapped thin plastic rod round it but this time I am trying to get a bit closer to the proper job's look


The fins will be tidied a lot more before the casting stage (Yes Rodders) begins



 Gubbinses a'plenty adorn the casing, this might be fuelling valves going on here, there's a pair of them and they have fine piping coming off them in real life


Added gubbinnery


 Oh look, an Airfix kit


You can't get these in Woolies any more, but this one came free as there weren't any windows in the bubble pack


A worry huh  ;)


 This one has been used to mould the nose with bulgy windows in it a bit like this


 This is only a test of the moulded windows, they are really inside a latex mould that I have been thinking of using to mould in clear resin


As you can see I had lots of Wopse specific bits of etch left from making the Scout so it seems a shame to waste 'em



  So if you guessed Wasp have a gold star


have one if you guessed






At the Sutton Modellers do I asked Mr Freightdog (it was you wasn't it Colin ? ) how the Wasp is coming along


Still problems with the casting company so I suggested selling the engines alone  :(


I would have had a few to be going on with


So here we are





and down the line


A Frog Sea Venom

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I was at the Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College on 2 days this week assessing the Studes on their weapons handling skills.


They've got a real one of these engines, it's tiny. Well not as small as a RR Viper, natch, but quite small all the same.


(Along with a Sea Wolf and some obscure Russian AAM. Oh and a Gazelle and a FV434)


Welbeck is a pretty gucci Sixth Form College. I wish I'd been to a school like that (save for the fact I wanted to be an Operator and neither an Engineer nor a Stacker :P)

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Noooo....not more Airwaves....you know that's asking for trouble! 


Debs...Welbeck over LVHS...surely not? You'll be clamouring for Wycombe High next.....



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It is the right time of year for Wasps.

One stung me two weeks ago!


Welbeck also has a very nice brewery out the back.

And I love the architecture there, fabulous building work.


A new sill for the Midget?

Hope they've written do not fold on it!

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Great build.




Goot to hear Welbeck has some really interesting stuff at the new site. It was more of a 1950 throw back when I was there in the late 80's. Still mustn't grumble I still got where I wanted in the Army :D

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7 hours ago, Ascoteer said:

...nor a Stacker


One of those places where RAF & RN slang diverge.  I am familiar with "stack" (as in pack up for the day) - though even that is very much an RAF word, since any sailor would talk about "secure" - but "Stacker"?  


Is that a Jack Dusty (Stores Accoountant)?

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10 hours ago, perdu said:


So I have been kinda wondering what next and our Steve insisted I got back in here and 'did it'



See - I knew I was good for something (despite wot my ol' mum used to say"


10 hours ago, hendie said:

well, ya gone and got me hooked already - really nice work on that engine


Ditto.  Likewise.  Me too.  Following.

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Stacker as in 'Blanket Stacker' ie Loggie, Supply Officer, Stores Person.



Though, to be fair, they always seemed to Stack (ie close) early on Fridays.




To be further fair Friday is 'POET'S Day' *








* P*** Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday

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Nice work on the little Wasp so far.


such a small helicopter it would be a good candidate for a 1/24 scale kit!

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Nice work on the little Wasp so far.


such a small helicopter it would be a good candidate for a 1/24 scale kit!

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Nice start Bill. Have been eating bacon and fish, and drinking cider and beer in Suffolk during the last week so missed the start of the movie. Will be an interesting build and looking forward to seeing the cab tomorrow....well...er... today depending on when you read this.

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Beer in Suffolk sounds good, 'specially if it's Adnams


Fish and bacon?


Well a chap's got to eat after all and Eastangularian Fish and Pork products must be good


As for the cab, yes mate all done and quite dusty


See you there or be square as we says in Brum




Thanks to all who have joined in, I hope we can get some decent results thanks for looking


Now whilst I am waiting on a trip to Mike's Models in search of jet effluxes on Monday I have been pushing on with the fuselage of my Airfix Wasp  (OK OK I know but there so should be one, are you watching Matt from Luffbro?)


Before I got my table time (we share the pooter and bench desmocratically - I get it when she's had enough, nuff said!) a small packet thumped down onto the floor in the hallway


Hooray, hooray.


Hannants have delivered the HC4



 well OK I already have the Airfix HC4 Sea King Commando


Hannants have sent me my next five thousand grey hairs...


As I said this Scout is destined (did I nearly write D O O M E D then?) to become a Westland Wasp and as I need datum lines to set the undercarriage I have been hacking the doors open


Who needs doors on a Wopse? Not I said the lost one  ;)


first quite crudely of course


 Followed with varying degrees of sophistication


to reach this, bedtime



Inevitably with the Airfix Scout basic kit any changes round the screen frame result in britleplackyitis, I always get at least one frame broken :(

Both screen surrounds succumbed to the assault


But here we are for now


I keep looking over there where the HC4 kit sits, smiling at me  :(


night all

Oh well, it'll all get better later

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When I walked into 'club' today a friend of mine pushed a plastic bag into my sticky mitts with the comment "I dont know what kit it is but as Rob was giving it away for free I thought I'd blag it for you"


Mike knows of my almost legendary helicopterishness and passes on all the old unwanted rotaries that pass through his fingers


Last one was a part finished Sikorsky Skycrane thingy, in the scrap box now but eminently ressurrectable if I can get the urge  warmed up


And this one is a Sea King, with the transmission area extra bulge for the additional generator

So it isnt Airfix although it has a decent set of rivets all over the skin, fuselage halves are parts 41 and 49 moulded on the inside walls


It does have a choice of six or five blades tail rotor though..


Ah no, on second thoughts it has to be Airfix of the modified mouldings type


The Cockpit has the thick rail between the upper and lower window frames


I bet it is Airfix which means I might be able to get new transparencies off them, the previous owner just gobbed polystyrene cement all over them and made a real pigs ear of fitting them into the unclosed halves


Anyone with the OLD Airfix Sea King able to confirm parts 41 and 49 are fuselage halves please?


No further Wopse done today sorry

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Crisp, it is what it is, can you see me objecting?  


Some people only make boaty things, others do planks


Others of us do whatever, whatever


Any clues about the freebie?


Mike who used to drive Hunters a while back has subbed me several whizzywinged things including the Wessex HU5 that is going to be a HAS3 soon and a little Bo105


All built but needing a refurb


I like playing refurb, me

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Good man Billy,do a bit of webfootery.


Can't beat a bit of Fleet Hairy Armery.


All aboard for some intresting moggling on a Scoot to Wopse conversion.

Are you going the posh route(dedicated conversion kit)or are you going the poor route(bits of wire and 4 'Arrier outriggller wheelz)?

When I did mine(ooh,30 years ago),I was a skint young fitter with a young family so mine was done the poor route.

Still have it too,no sorry no photiegrarfs,it's a very camera shy little thing that prefers the company of it's other wibblycopter mates

(2 Wessii,a Seaking,a Lynx,a Whoilwind,a Gazelle and 2 Westland Souixsies)within my own Fleet Hairy collection.


I do however has some scans on a drive somewhere of le above conversion that some kind soul on here sent me a few years back

If I can lay my stickies on 'em,I'll put um in a folder and he-mail them to ye then ye can 'av a shufty and print 'em off if needs be.

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I think I lost the external links Martian, on my pooter they're still there but not my tablet


I'll rebuild them later with URL links instead of copy/paste



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Hi James, mind's a b.. hybrid


66 April on the road so she ought to have hood sticks and the cutaway back cockpit but she'd been Arkleyed and let go to ruination


I found her looking blindly out of the chain link fence at the local Scrappy with busted everything, not just the headlamps but also the fibreglass Arkley bits had been bounced on and cracked too


I paid 120 and had her dropped off gently at my house


Got rid of the Arkley rubbish and gave her the tail end skin from an H reg  Sprite so now she's a real Spridget but with a hingey hood. :)


Been taking me to Le Mans every year (almost) since 2004


Off times spotted at model shows carrying me and a dozen boxes of built models


Best thing I own I reckon


Picture restoration will take place this arvo' when I can get on my desktop


Sorry this happened, still I might get a bit more research in his morning


Its good to have a tablet pooter and WiFi



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