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Britmodeller Wants to Show Notifications


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The latest versions of all the popular browsers can do what's called "push notifications" via your browser.  That means it can deliver your notifications about topics and such like without you refreshing the screen.  When you first visit the site, it asks the question "Britmodeller Wants to Show Notifications", and you should either allow it or not.  If you allow it, it permits the pop-up notifications to come through to keep you informed while you're browsing, even if you're not on that tab at the time.


If you don't permit it, you won't get all the notifications and might miss posts, messages etc., but if that's what you want, then that's what you need to do.  You can always permit or deny BM permission later from your Control Panel > Account Settings > Notifications.  Just tick or untick the relevant options and you're off.

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