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Signatures - find them annoying?


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Sometimes people say that they find signatures annoying, and at times I have to agree with them.  They can be a bit obtrusive, which was one of the reasons why we limit their size.  They also increase the amount of scrolling through topics that you have to do, so you can turn them ALL off from your Control Panel under Settings > View Signatures.


If you don't want to turn them all off, but some people's are getting on your nerves or the flashing of their gifs are freaking you out, you now have the option to turn them off individually, while leaving the rest visible.  If you look at the little faint grey line that separates posts from signatures, you will see a little X at the rightmost end.  Click that and you will be either able to hide everyone's signatures, or just that one.  Another useful tool, especially if you are browsing the forum on a mobile device via 3G or 4G and you have a limited data allowance, or your scroll finger needs a rest :)

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