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Tags and how to use them (properly)


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We've had Tags for quite a while, and quite a lot of folks haven't quite figured them out.  The forum uses them as additional search parameters to help you find things using words that aren't in your topic title.  For example, if your topic title is as follows:


AMK Mig-31BS 1:48


Those terms don't need to be in your Tags.  You could add Foxhound, Soviet  and Cold War, but adding any of the words in your topic title is just a waste of your time & finger power.  Use them to add other search terms, such as nicknames, dates, the operator etc., that will give searchers more ammunition :)

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I was thinking of adding a short personal tag to the posts I start so it would be easier for me to find old posts to make sure that picture links are working. I tried to fix my posts after the Photobucket mess up but tags would have made it easier for me to find the old posts.

As such tabs would mean nothing for anyone else than me I like to hear what the admin have to say about this.

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16 minutes ago, Orso said:

so it would be easier for me to find old posts

There is an easy way to find your previous posts – easy when you know about it, and it isn't obvious.


Click on your own user icon at the top of the page.

Click 'See my activity' on the right hand side of the page.

Then click 'Topic' on the left side of the screen.

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Hi forum-experts,


I was wondering whether I can add a tag to a topic that I posted (sometime) earlier - and particularly whether that topic than gets re-listed on top of the posts in the specific forum that I posted it earlier? As a “brand new” topic? 

… or is it just edited without such re-listing?


Thanks for any feedback!






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