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No, we're not trying to encourage stalking, but if you want to be sure to catch every utterance from any member, whether it's a friend, a modeller you admire, someone hilarious, or just a good raconteur, you can now do so with the Following options. 


  • When you decide who you want to follow, you can either visit their profile either by searching for them, clicking on their name next to a post, or by viewing the online members if they're currently visible.
  • choose +Follow Member from their header, choose whether to do so anonymously or not, and set up your notification preferences.


you can also unfollow them in the same way if they get a bit tedious or are constantly posting new FAQ topics and it's doing your head in ;)

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That's right Chris, and during the conversion we were offered the option of converting friends to followed members, or not.  We chose not, as some friends you might not want to hear all about, some you might, so you can decide :)

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