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Ms Modeller

Asas de Portugal Alpha Jet (Portuguese display team) 1/72

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Another build, another Alpha Jet. At some point I'll get sick of these and their awful weak landing gear...but not today!


The Asas de Portugal are unfortunately now defunct; I've never got to see them live and I've yet to be able to buy a DVD of an airshow with them in. But I adore the Alpha Jet, and their paint scheme is one of the most imaginative I've seen.They tend to fly as a duo, but often had 4 ship formations too. They originally felw T-37 aircraft, before they had ex-Luftwaffe Alpha Jets. I have chosen to NOT have the smoke system in place on my aircraft for practicality of the decals. I may amend this at a later date (maybe). Here's a video of the Asas in action. I have finished one in it's natural Portuguese camo which you can find here..



I really don't like doing the mainstream markings apparently as so far I've done 2 Belgian and 1 Portuguese aircraft...so here is another Portuguese! I didn't take many pictures during the actual construction - I kind of forgot to to be honest as I literally built about 2 or 3 Alpha jets at one session of my local IPMS model club night to just get them built and out of the way for painting and decals! Below are some pictures of my progress so far...it's looking pretty snazzy if I do say so myself.


The decals are from Dekls or Dekl's. I actually suggested these to them as I know they've been in demand for some time as the scheme is fantastically unique and stunning and I've been after it for some time after the Portuguese company that made them ceased to exist a good few years ago. So these were made from scratch by Dek'lz. There's some slight fit issues - but generally they look awesome. They are made for the Airfix iteration of the kit.














Please note on the next image a decal folded - this was easily fixed and I will update this when I've done some more work on it.




And next to another WIP I've got!






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So it's nearly finished now! Got the majority of decals done (only the generic non-livery schemes left). Just needs a tidy up and it'll be done!


Nearly finished Asa's de Portugal


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I'm in Malta at the moment so haven't got many updates. I did, however, do some work Wednesday before I left. I painted over the black wing sections and I'll tidy them up when I'm back. I need to sort out the tail still too - but I'm generally quite happy with it so far. Only got the one pic - if you've looked at the Patrouille de France build I'm doing it is the same picture as I only took the one. 


Three aircraft in the process.


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On 25/09/2016 at 6:04 PM, junglierating said:

Thought you were doing a boring grey Thai Alpha Jet  :huh:


Don't know how I missed this post! Sorry.


will be doing a Thai one shortly. I just want to get some other non-Alpha Jet projects finished first :)


Also I have finished this project - I will post a finished post later. 

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Did not want to double post.

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