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I carn't Speel


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Most if not all modern browsers have built-in spell checkers these days, so take advantage of the feature that will help you to sound more erudite with very little effort.  If you don't get little squiggly lines under your words when you spell them wrong (before you submit the post), then you will probably need to check the settings of your browser to turn it on and select your language of preference.  Why language?  Well the American spelling of Colour is Color, and if you spell it the British way and get a squiggly line under it, you need to change your language to English (UK).


How do you do that?  All I can say is go into the settings of your browser and have a root about.  There are so many different browsers available now that it would be impossible and impractical for us to show you how each one works, so if you want to know how to do it in your browser of choice, just Google "language and spell check settings in XXXX" where XXXX is your browser's name.


While you're at it, make sure you have the latest version of your browser, as the older your version is, the more chance it has of malfunctioning with a modern website like ours :smartass:

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