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I'd like to get someone to view my topic or post


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You know how sometimes you want someone to see something you have said on the forum, and yet it's a pain to PM them and paste a link?  not any more!  If you want someone to see, such as a Mod or a friend, or just someone you know will have an answer for you, you must first know their name.  We'll take me as an example, but if you over-use it I will track you down and I will kill you.  Maybe not, but I might glare at you a bit, reminiscent of a rather large and angry baby.


Back on topic. 


  • Type the @ symbol and immediately start typing the name of the person you're trying to attract to the conversation.
  • A drop-down menu will pop out of your typing giving you some name options from the member list.
  • Choose the correct one and it will turn into a blue square with round edges.
  • Your quarry will receive a notification that they've been "mentioned".


Please don't over-use this feature, as it will get annoying for anyone that's being constantly shouted to have a look at your posts.



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