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How do I post Pictures?


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I'm new and I don't even know how to give my photos a URL, please could someone post an idiot proof (it needs to be!) guide on how I can go from this:


A photo taken with my iPad camera and saved in My Pictures on the iPad


to giving that picture a URL and subsequently uploading it to a thread in this forum?



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⬆️ Simple answer is you can't post photos directly. It chews up server capacity and has security/virus implications.


You need to upload to a third party hosting site like Flickr or similar. You then embed a link from that site in your post and then software takes care of the rest.


There is an FAQ area here to guide you on the technicalities as each hosting site differs.


Good luck



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Hi All


Can someone help please.


So it's been about 3 months since I posted a photo from my Flickr account. Tonight I started a new topic and posted in a picture of the box top no problems. I then went onto the next photo to be posted and as usual went to the BB code part and pressed control c to copy the URL to the computer. Then went back to my post put the cursor in the right place and pressed control v to paste in the URL. All that came up was the long URL code in plain text which wouldn't convert into a picture. This happened a few times. I also tried the insert other media option but the URL bar just turned a shade of red and nothing happened there either.


Im probably making some kind of simple error but can someone help or advise please.





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14 hours ago, dogsbody said:

I use the EMBED option to post here. I just right-click on the code bar, choose COPY, then PASTE it here.







5 hours ago, John Aero said:

James: It will depend on the privacy setting. To get the short URL up you need it to be public.



Thanks Chris and John


Ill give it another try tonight.



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Very frustrating....

Google Drive doesn't work...

I was able to once Facebook a month ago but it's not allowing 3rd party hosting.

My Flickr account wouldn't open because it was linked to a Yahoo account...


This is OneDrive where I've uploaded an image and generated an "</> Embed" tag




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Testing and not having any fun...
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24 minutes ago, bootneck said:

Hi Gav,


I've just joined Imgur, started an album and upload a photo as a test, but cannot see how I then link it to show here.  Any advice?







Sign in! :D


Click on your user name on the top right hand side and then click on "images".  This should take you to a gallery of all of your uploads.  Click on the image you would like to post:




And this should take you to a page showing that image + a list of link options on the right; click on the second one down:



The link for the image is now in your clipboard and you can just paste that straight into a post here.



HTH :)


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