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1/72 Kovozávody Prostejov Lavochkin La-5FN

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Hello and thanks for your interest,

here's another Lavochkin La-5FN from Kovozavody Prostejov.

"Yellow 8" was flown by pilot P. Rakov in summer 1944 (according to kit instructions).

I used photoetch parts (for dashboard, seatbelts and landing gear covers) from an old Extratech set.

Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel.


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Great model! How did the build go?

Thanks for your feedback, Kuro!

The model builds well without nasty suprises, but doesn't have the same quality of engineering as a Tamiya kit.

It is a bit rough in some places and you will need to make use of your sanding sticks.

There are no locating pins.

The level of detail supplied is sufficient, but you might wanna exchange some parts (like the pitot tube) for aftermarket or scratch build items.

I believe this is currently the best La-5 in 1/72 on the market.

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Hi Again Roman: 

Really a little gem  of a build. I have been watching thepics and seem that as the original is made mostly of wood, this litle fighter doesn't need a huge lot of details and will end with a nice product, but not so nice as your work presented here. Your overall work is nice and is dificult to say which of the modeling techniques you have used is the very best as the whole work is great, without a doubt a nice representation of the Russian wooden Wonder!!! 


I have got some russian subjects and was thinking the day to build some of the is closer, have looked for this one and the other by Cooperativa as seem a diferent variant, but have started and ended since the early 80's with a kit that nobody wanted: the Italeri one. At that time I discovered the ESCI Decals sheet dealing with Ivan Koxhedub versions and have got the Frog/Novo and in the mid 90's KP La 7. Many years later in between 2010/2012 got the nasty Siga La 9/11 suplemented this years by a nicer Gran Ltd. La 9/11 (found just by lucky strike and looking for another one)...and between 2003/2006 some Yaks from Airfix (9), Heller (3) Maquette (1 and 7) and Encore (9); all the variants of the Mig 3 from the Cap Croix do Sud/Zvezda in the Encore boxing with resin included,  and other things...


All those came the same way: bought more by curiosity and in sale from Squadron Shop at that time,  many by less than a US$ Dollar each, other from colleagues who were getting rid of them as they have found many more better kits but really I don't care...so one day maybe I will take them and start a little colection inspired with builds like your and other guys. 


Thank you very much for sharing,

Cheers from Guatemala!!!


Luis Alfonso

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