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Revell 1/144 Alpha Jet "Patrouille de France"


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Dear fellow modellers,

I've started new "mini challenge", a Revell 1/144 Alpha Jet. Kit itself has a slight issues with correct shape (especially tail is "banana" shaped) and canopy is too thick - to be replaced with vacuform part.

I won't deal much with inaccuracies, rather it will serve as a practice for glossy finish :) Let's start with wings:


Clearly, some touch ups are needed on left wing. And still not sure if mixed blue color isn't too dark (on photos definitely, otherwise it's not that dark).

Next, horizontal stabilizers:


I've also glued fuselage together and applied putty. Waiting to fully cure before proceeding. Will keep you updated :)

Best Regards,


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Woohooo! Love 1/144 planes...

Someone recently mentioned using painted decal strip / painted decal paper to get nice straight edges to the paint on this kind of build. I'll have to try and find it.

I love 1/144 too, they don't take much space, which is big advantage :)

I've heard about that option. I didn't try it yet, since I'm not sure how would painted decal fare with decal softener solutions.

In this case, Revell provided white decals for wings and horizontal stabilizers. Haven't tried them, so I can't comment whether they're up to the task of hiding colors underneath.

Regards, T

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Good evening,


Some progress to share. Red color was applied:



Some minor touch ups needed:



And then blue was sprayed:



A lot of work will be needed to deal with minor paint spills (and yes, these horizontal white lines are too thick, I'm working on that :)):



Besides, blue seems too dark even after fully cured :(.



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  That's looking really good Tonka. I started this one as a Luftwaffe version but have still got to finish it.  You've done really well with the masking too! I had to do some fiddly masking with an F-15 ACTIVE I built, so I know your pain :)



  Kind Regards,



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Great work. You are right about the white wing decals, they are too thin. Retrokits do a correction kit for the tail and a drop in replacement cockpit set. Looking forward to see more progress.

I love this scale too. Over 100 in the stash and as many built.


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