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What CAR/BIKE kits have you recently bought 2?


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I was pleasantly surprised when opening this as it is NOT a kerbside and has a nice V12!

The bad actor I always wanted but never got,while the other one has a twin turbo V8!

Have three of these now...

The bug is a repop of the Lindberg kit and slightly large....

Never had this a sprint car

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 My order from kitsforcash.com turned up today and I was plesently surprised as the tamiya porsche 956 Rothmans car I ordered came with a set of speedline decals to make the marlboro car from 1983 which works out really nicely as I have a spare 956 in the stash which I didn't have a plan for 



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Afternoon Chaps :bye:


A bountiful morning...

First up, a swappie...

Swapped a silly Ferrari for this magnificent '64 vintage monogram Jaguar XK-E...



Right... onto the main feature.

One of the shops was having a sale of a deceased estate of kits. It had been pretty much picked by the time I got there this morning, but i did manage to pick up 

these lovelies... 

Three white metal lovelies from Motorkits



Some more white metal lovelies from Tin Wizard & Auto Replicas



A morgan :)



A wee Rover



And one I have been looking for for a loooong time... A Maserati 3500GT (still sealed)



And then, well!

from 1961, A Hawk W163 1936 Mercedes Racer. One of those kits that when you see it, you just have to have it...



Need a lie down now :)


:ninja: Mad Steve :ninja:

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I have just acquired the 1/20 Tamiya Tyrrell P34 with the etch bits, which look like they'll make it into an excellent model out of the box. I had another F1 project in mind (Camel Lotus 102B) but that needs modification so it seemed like a good idea to do something simpler first.


I'm also eyeing up the Bimota Tesi after seeing Pappy's build of it, and some on-line pictures of naked bikes. Phwooar etc.


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Ken Miles' 1966 GT40 (well chuffed!), 2005 Raybrig NS-X plus Zero blue/violet and the recent re-pop of the Revell BRE Datsun 240Z. Pretty pleased all round really!



Rick, the chuffed!

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On 2016-09-30 at 11:03 PM, arni said:

What is the quality like?

There's some mold flash on some of the pieces but overall I think it looks good for an old kit. Nice rubber tires but the instructions are kind of crap, but it looks like an easy kit to build so it is not a big deal. How everything fits together I have to wait and see until I build it (hopefully soon).

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