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Hey folks, as mentioned, my follow-up to the F-8 Crusader from a couple of weeks back is another USN subject.

One of the quickest (a month-and-a-day), easiest and most relaxing builds I've ever done. The old Monogram F9F-2 Panther updated in 2009 by RoG to an F9F-5P. Only addition to the build was a Pavla resin seat everything else including the 'stickers' are straight from the box.

Kit - Revell (nee Monogram).

Paint - Tamiya acrylics, Xtracolour enamels.

Decals - Kit.

Extras - Pavla resin seat.

Grumman F9F-5KD Panther

VU-1, NAS Barbers Point

Hawaii 1959.








Paint is mostly Tamiya acrylics with the exception of the fuselage which is Xtracolours' enamel 'Engine Grey'. Nothing else to add, another 'loved every minute' build. Please feel free to make any criticism, comments or ask any questions.



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Hello,Ian - I agree with John. Very nice indeed.I think the scheme really suits the type well.I share your feeling of enjoyment in a Monogram build experience.Here's to the next one! ;) All the best,Paul.

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Lovely looking Panther , great scheme.



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Nice to see that folks are still liking this one - thanks again everyone, very much appreciated. And if anyone is interested there's a Defiant and an F/A-18 following down the bench just now...


...stay tuned.



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