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Airfix Hunter in Raspberry ripple

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I had this old airfix kit of the hunter hanging around and decied that as the decals were out of register I would cobble togeather the markings for the Raspberry ripple aircraft XE601.

This is not a faithfull reproduction of the aircraft there large gun casing mouldings are still there and I have not modified the kit in any way except to put in a white metal mk4 martin baker seat that I found in the kit.

this is the first time I have used acrylics and enamals on the same kit and it seems to have worked ok.

Normal 5ft viewing distance please




Many thanks for looking


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Hi Rodders,

A real Beauty. It's amazing what can be done with the old Airfix/Matchbox/Heller etc kits with a bit imagination and patience. The kit should be viewed from 2 feet Sir. Lovely Raspberry Ripple Scheme. Keep them coming

albamac (Frustrated Norseman) xxx :goodjob::viking:

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Thank you for all the kind comments. I do think that old kits should not be written off bcause they are not this years model (pun intended) after all there are some of us who have seen the wrong side of 50 and we are not written off yet.

I enjoyed the build and will be building some of the older models in the stash in future I keep looking at the revell HH-3 which I am sure with a bit of TLC could turn out alright. There are some models that can only be built from old kits like the CH-54 Skycrane.

I bought the kit at the Sailsbury model show for a fiver and considering that I got about 10 hours modelling out of it I think 50p an hour for keeping me amused has got to be a bargin. Now to do another kit I bought there the 1/48 CH-46 in presidential flight colours.


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That looks great, well done.

I've also built a kit of the Hawker (but mine was a fairly rough Russian kit) painted in the same Raspberry Ripple scheme. Looks so much better on the shelf than military camouflage colours!

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