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1/24 Kinetic p-47 d Razorback - Miss Mutt

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Hi Folks

it's cooked. mainly OOB with gunze paints......airscale many thanks to Peter and the seat belts....set...

kit fitting is quite good.....decals were great......instruction was poor at best......overall ....enjoyed the painting process....the best as always.....will put the tanks on soon.....just wanted the base to look a bit full....anyone got relevant 1/24 figures pls let me know....can't seem to locate any.....

pics sorry for poor quality....weather not very good in my part of the world today




thanks a lot folks and a special thanks to Peter from airscale for the panel....it does a lot for the look of the cockpit ..I hope it's presentable enough

best regards

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Stunning result! Congratulations!!!!

It is uncanny that this is the paint scheme I am attempting to get right on my 1/72 Razorback...

I love the result.


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I would love to build models in this scale but my wife would rip me a new one if I brought this type of kit home.Its a beast of a plane and you have done a wonderful job with it,I like it.Da iwan as we say in Wales{it means very good}. :goodjob: :goodjob:

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Lovely P-47 Brian , the paint and weathering look superb .



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