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Hi this is my 4th model the Revell 918 Spyder.

I have used some scal carbon fibre and Plamoz wheels which was not from the Kit, Gravity and Zero colors for paint.

I like the final result i am happy with it unfortunately it was rushed as i had a due date to finish but there arnt really many imperfections to be seen by the eye.

any feed back is appreciated i may build another one of these in the future as a very enjoyable detailed model.


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very nice! The interior looks extremely well done. Are those kit decals for the centre console or some you had from a previous build? I've just never known Revell to provide such small details in their decal ranges is all.

I've often eyed up this kit but have shied away for various reasons. However, after seeing your build, I may just have to go get one. 


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@shood23 @roymattblack

thanks guys !

@Madhatter I was eyeing this kit up for a while, I used carbon fibre decal inside and out but the rest was from the kit, I just bought the wheels which is a must with this kit it completes the whole finnish


been a couple of months since my last project i have got the Tamiya la ferrari that i do want to do next but eyeing up some more rvells as i feel they have upped there game


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