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Oil Drums, RAF WW2


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My next build is going to be the Airfix 1/24 Typhoon, already thinking of how to display it. I have in my mind its in the corner of the hangar under maintenance. As part of the set dressing I'm thinking about using a couple of 55 gallon oil drums I have in my "bits box", any idea what colour they would have been?

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Posted elsewhere about this, even contacted the RAF Museum and all I've been able to discover is that lub oil drums "were probably black", no info at all about any markings that may have been on them. 


If I'd been building the 1/24 ME 109 or Stuka no problem, plenty of info about (and models of) WW2 German fuel and oil drums, allied especially RAF is another matter :(

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I'm sure its not for the want of trying but black is as basic a colour as you can get. 

With that in mind, little information kinda gives you a free hand, perhaps you would get away with applying 'Oil' on the drums ? even the decals available within the RAF bomber re-supply kit although smaller scale would give you something . . .


best of luck with the build.


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