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WIP: 1/48 Eduard MIG-21MF


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I started this MIG-21 last month and have made some progress that I'm here to show. I've been pushing myself to build a jet and here goes. T

Eduards MIG-21 is excellent. Everything fits great! My only complaint about the kit is the blue color of the PE fret. I like the color, don't get me wrong, it just doesn't match the blue from my bottle of Russian cockpit turquoise. :) I used Mr. Paint (which I LOVE) and mixed in a little tamiya blue and white and got something close... it's closer in the pictures then to the eye, but ah well.



Here is the color straight from the bottle:







I put a bunch of lead airgun pellets in there and covered it all with white glue. No clue how that will hold, but not too worried about it.



Thanks for looking

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Thanks everyone!

Looks great so far. What scheme are you going with?

I'm going with a Polish scheme of some type. I think I'll use the Eduard boxing decals for the two tone gray camo. But I also have the swordfish decals from the Academy boxing. they are cartograph decals, but I'm scared they won't fit. I wish their was a way to know if they would work out.

Great progress so far, i´m fighting with the MiG-21R at the moment, will follow your wip!


What part are you fighting with at the moment?

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Interior color! Have no airbrush, so i must mix RAL colors for it!

First parts are done, now the PE go on and will post pics tomorrow.

Your cockpit, sir, looks excellent :goodjob:


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Good morning all, this MIG is fun! I think I'll be building more. It's been good to have a slightly different build than a WWII fighter as it helps keep things fresh. I said that about armor kits as well and then never finished.... so there's that. Here's hoping for a good finish.

The lower wing insert had me a little worried, but it actually fit perfectly! no steps! The lines are along panel lines, that that helps.


I absolutely love how many seams are hidden on this build! Every external piece seems to hide another seam line. :) awesome.


Here is another hidden seam:





Lookin' like a MIG-21 now! Gonna paint the exhaust "cone" or nozzle (whatever it's called) before adding the stabilizers. Here is it next to an Eduard LA-5fn I'm currently working on.



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I did some more work on the exhaust thanks to some help from another modeler. I "burned" the end of the exhaust with jet exhaust from Alclad. Then I used Alclad chome over the top of it to blend it a little.  I think it's getting closer.







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27334918438_773beadd38_k.jpgUntitled by Aaron Long, on Flickr

41209362681_b978ef3c49_k.jpgUntitled by Aaron Long, on Flickr

41209362561_e8ec204525_k.jpgUntitled by Aaron Long, on Flickr


I use MRP on the lowers and light gray on the top. The dark gray from MRP was too dark (see photo below) so I used Tamiya Neutral gray instead.


27334918368_4ab6fe5bfe_k.jpgUntitled by Aaron Long, on Flickr


All the colors together:


27334918288_0eed0cabaf_k.jpgUntitled by Aaron Long, on Flickr


The MIG-21 used to be a "big build" on my desk until......


40494869094_991c7257dd_k.jpgUntitled by Aaron Long, on Flickr


thanks for looking!

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