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Thunderbird 2 Launch Diorama mk 2

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This is my second attempt at building this classic scene from Thunderbirds. This one benefited from the experience gained on the first one: a) I didn't try to do a scratch built cockpit as it can't be seen; B) I used smaller batteries to power the LEDs.

The build thread is here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235003077-thunderbird-2-launch-diorama-2/








...and here is it with the camera flash turned off to allow the lighting to show



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Thunderbirds are GO! :thumbsup:


It looks like they have just lit the engines.

I really like the base but I think I would have done the edges in matte black.

Not a criticism mind, just the way I finish bases.

Old theatre trick. The eye doesn't see the edges that way.

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Lovely build.

Why did they just not plant the palm trees further apart though?

Wot he sed. Brilliant stuff.

As for the palm trees, C21 publications of the 1960s (TV21, annuals, etc.) had it that the palm trees were planted close to runway in order to disguise it, i.e., not give the impression that it was wide enough for something as big as TB2 to use. The Tracy family jet, fine; visiting small aircraft, no problems; even a Tiger Moth (aka TB6)... but not a huge transport the size of a 747 that's hidden in an underground hangar.

For that matter, as an airfield, the runway wasn't very safe. It really only had one direction in which you could take off -- out to sea -- and you had to land in the opposite direction, and there was no over-run or touch-and-go ability because there was a cliff at the landward end! Dunno what the wind patterns were like during the year (or even the day), but I think I'd want VTOL capability on any aircraft I flew in there -- which, of course, the Thunderbirds had!

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FAB Andrew - nice - did I see this in the shadows but not on display at IPMS Farnborough last week? I should have had a closer look as I thought it was your original diorama in reserve...


John - PS looking for that Oil Rig of yours - any clues please?

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