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A pair of German Sabres in 1/48


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I just have to start something new.

I just can't sit and continue on my old stalled builds.

So I took out a pair of 1/48 Sabres in the stash.

Both of the will be turned in to German Sabres.


This is what I have to work with.

Revell Canadair CL-13 Mk6



A few resin parts and canopy.


And Hasegawas plastic.




Special Hobby Sabre Dog.

Most important resin correction main wheel bays.


Something went wrong with the plastic parts.

And if you use them the wing will not fit the fuselage.

Special Hobby corrected this with some new parts in resin, and my kit contains them.

Decals, resin and a small PE sheet.


And the plastic parts.




The plastic parts are a bit pebbly/grainy and will have to be polished slightly before painting them,

So lets get to the worktable and start building a pair of German Sabres.

To be continued.....


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Thanks Daniel. :D

No other reason then that my wife is of german origin and we like to spend our vaccations in Germany. :D


Interesting then! :winkgrin:

A very nice place to spend vacations indeed, I often go there, having family in Frankfurt am Main. I also visited Berlin, Friedrichshafen, München, Nürnberg, Mannheim, and all the way between Switzerland (around Geneva) till Frankfurt with my bicycle, stopping by at the awesome Technik Museen in Speyer and Sinsheim :thumbsup:

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Yes. It's an interesting country.

We went to Cuxhaven this summer and it was a great holiday.

I got to see the exhibiton at the Aeronauticum museem at Nordholz.

And I got to see a Marine Orion on a flyby over the house we rented.

Marine Lynxes flew over at least twice a day.


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Hey, Bosse!

How's it hangin,' my bru?

:blink: Whoa! Just learnt that the Revell Sabre kit used the Hasegawa molds... Did ya know 'bout that before purchasin' the Revell kit?

I had to pay dearly on evilBay for a Hasegawa F40 kit in order to build the Argie Air Force F30 Sabre with the wingtip extensions, y'know. 'N' then had to pay dearly once again for the Cuttin' Edge resin slat set...

Now I'm strugglin' to correct the nose gear fork that it's all wrong on the Hasegawa kit. Also, the Argie Sabres had the late style hub on the nose gear wheels.

Top that off, I'll also need to correct the wrong 90° angle on the airbrake doors as depicted on the Hasegawa kit. I know that there's a set by CMK, but still was unable to learn whether or not it fixes the angle on the airbrake doors.

Say, whut 'bout ye? Are ya goin' to fix these issues on yer F40 kit?

Didn't know that yer missus was from Germany! Sweet... Whut 'bout 'em kids? Have they applied to have German nationality as well?

Okay, enough with the enquiry.

Incidentally; some local modellin' mates 'n' I wanted to know whether ya'd ever switch to airbrush paintin' if we gifted ya with an... say, Iwata Custom Micron C-Plus? ;)

Will be followin' this build, ya hear?

Cheers, B!


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Hi Unc2.

Long time no see, hey.

I dont think I'll do the corrections you talked about.

I didn't know that it was a Hasegawa kit in a Revell box.

I just bought for the box art, and that it was 50% off.

My local hobbyshops moved to other premesis and wanted to empty the store before the move. :D

Thank for the kind offer of an airbrush, but I'm quite happy with my paintbrushes.

The twins has two more years left in school, then they're off to university.

And the youngest just started 7th grade so he has some more years still to come in school.

As for german nationality we just go there for our holidays.

It's a nice country and a bit cheaper than in Sweden.


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I've made some small progress on the Sabre.

I cut the wing and shortened it.

Revell gives you two sets of new wingtips.

The original Hasegawa in resin, and a set in plastic from Revell.

I choose to use the plastic one.



My plans for this evening is to build a cockpit for the Sabre.

To be continued.....


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I spent yesterday evening with sandingsticks and CA glue,

I built up the wheelbays for the Sabre Dog.



And since this is a short run kit everything has to be sanded and polished and checked before glueing anything.

And the instructions could be a bit more informative.

When the main landinggear bay was done I started on the nosegear bay.


The details on the parts goes all the way to the edge and because of that you don't have any surface to glue the parts.

So first I had to sand down the details a bit to get some glueing area.

To be continued.....


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We hade the most fantastic late summer weather this weekend.

Lots of sunshine and warm wind.

And I can't build my models in this kind of weather.

So I spent the weekend in our summercottage.

And with summer weater it's always nice with a BBQ.


First some teriyaki marinated chicken and corn on the cob.


Add a few skewers with lamb and haloumicheese.

Continue with some satay chicken skewers.



Serve with cous-cous and enjoy. :D:eat::cheers:

Well every week has a sunday and so even this week.

And I couldn't stay in the cottage.

When we got home I continued to work on my Sabres.


The cockpit is taking form.


Airintake, exhaust and fan.


And some green in the landing gear bay.

Slowly but surely the build progresses.

To be continued.....


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It's time for an update on my Sabre build.
I choose to use the decal for the IP.
It worked well, but it to several days of soaking it with Micro Sol to get it to conform with the instruments.
Now it looks rather nice.
The kits ejections seat is a bit crude, so I'll put a pilot in it to hide the lack of details.
And there is where I stand at the moment.
Pictures of it will come later in the week.

To be continued....


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I've got a small update for you.
I'm still working on the cockpit.
As can be seen the ejectionseat is a bit spare.
I don't want to wait for the postman to deliver a resin seat so I choose to use Herr Hartmann in the cockpit.
Meet Herr Hartmann, dressed for the occasion. :D

But unfortunately this didn't solve my problems completely.
Herr Hartmann sits too low and in the front of the seat.
A few google searches revealed that Hasegawa/Revell has done the seat without parachute.

A quick visit to my local hobby shop and a packet of Milliput might do the trick.
I've never used Milliput before, but I'm not too old yet not to learn some new things.

A small lump of Milliput later it looks like this.
I think it's looks like a pair of parachutepacks.
We'll see after I've painted them.

To be continued....


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It's time for Herr Hartmann to get on to the cockpit.

And to get the cockpit into the aircraft.

Then we close the fuselage.

And lets give him some wings.

I now have some seams to clean up before it's time for some paint.

To be continued....


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  • 2 weeks later...


A week of puttying, sanding and polishing has led up to some paint on the Sabre. 
I've used Revells colours for this build.
No 46 for RAL 6013 and No 77 for RAL 7012.
They look more separated when the gloss coat came on than these pictures show.

And as the Sabre is drying, I've been busy with the Sabre Dog.
First I've got to fix the IP.
I've used Airscale instrument decals.
Very small, but with the camera in macro mode they can be seen. :D

The nosewheel well and gear has to be completed before it can go into the fuselage.
Not my favorite sequence to build in, but in this case you have to do it this way.

When the nosegear well had set, I glued the intake on to it.

The shelf behind the pilot is missing a bottle.
I used the warhead from a british 60lbs rocket from a Spitfire as a substitute.
Look alright to me.

I still have a few more things to do with the cockpit before it can go in to the fuselage.
So that will be the next update.

To be continued....


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On ‎05‎/‎09‎/‎2016 at 3:25 AM, Marlin said:



Hey, Bosse, mate!

How did that burnt corn taste like, bud? :lol:

:hmmm:But, but, but... shouldn't have ya had the extended wing tips for the German Mark 6 instead?

Methinks, (yeh, me does).

Cheers, B!


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3 hours ago, Uncle Uncool said:

:hmmm:But, but, but... shouldn't have ya had the extended wing tips for the German Mark 6 instead?

Methinks, (yeh, me does).


No, the extended wingtips were only on North American built -F40 variants. The Canadair Mk 6 had the standard wingtips.

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Thanks Unc & Jessica. :D

I don't think Revell would have bother with producing their own wingtips in plastic if they shouldn't be used.

The kit also contains the original Hasegawa resin wingtips as well.



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Great work, especially on the Kilo. 

Good luck fitting the etched vortex generators, I failed miserably on both mne and resorted to tiny slivers of plastic card. To late for you but you can fit the nose gear later in construction. Its a bit of a squeeze but it works.

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