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Revell 2006 Ford Mustang GT350 Hertz


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Time to post my new project.

I have build this kit a few years ago but I since it was one of my first models I did make a few mistakes while building it.

The bumper broke off a few times, paint snapped off, glue on the clearcoat...

The main reason why I always fixed it up was because I painted the stripes myself.

Here it is newly build:




The new kit:


unboxing: https://www.facebook.com/mgscalemodels/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1174778152583795

All the body parts: Painted these Zero Paints Jet Black


And this is now the 7th Mustang I build I pretty much know this kit inside out.

And I also mannaged to paint the primer, first and second colours in 1 airbrush session.

Also knowing this kit the assembly went really fast.






I did have some problems with the body. Had to sand away the bad spots and give it a new coat of Jet Black.

First I just used Gloss black, but that paint was to thick. Had to throw it out...

Didn't take any picture's of how bad it was, but it was just like my GT500...


But now it's ready for the gold decals. Going to use the decals this time.



Hope to have the decals and clear on tomorrow, but first I need to clean out my spray booth.

Thanks for watching!


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