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Brilliant, top work

I have to say, that AMK must be what we call "model kit gods" because of the quality of their kits

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This kit looks gorgeous. I've always liked the MiG-31 but never picked up a kit for it. I'd love this one, but its size would be difficult to accommodate, hehe :P

Great job!


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Your work is sublime and this model is a lesson in how to take an overall grey scheme and make it look very interesting indeed!! :Tasty:

Superb panel variations, the cockpit and undercarriage are both beautifully modelled, and very tidy, and I love the colouration of those exhaust cans - that's about as realistic as you can get in my opinion!! :Tasty::coolio::thumbsup:

Take a bow sir, that is one very special model build - very well done!!! :clap2: :clap2::clap2:

Kev :)

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WOW !!

Incredible work your attention to detail is brilliant , those main wheels do look odd I know they are supposed to be like that but none the less odd !


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