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Guidelines for GB Hosts

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A few guidelines for GB Hosts. Nothing too onerous. Experience has shown that GBs tend to flow smoothly is we follow these simple rules.

If you volunteer to host a GB you must see the GB through to the end except where there are exceptional circumstances agreed by the GB Moderator.

As a host you should ideally have a knowledge of the subject of the GB, but this is not essential.

You should keep an eye on all builds to make sure that the rules of the GB are being followed. If they aren't, advise people that they are in breach of the rules. Any disputes that you can't mediate should be bought to the attention of the GB Moderator The Moderator will escalate the incident to the Global Mods if need be.

Try to comment on as many posts as you can, encourage your fellow modellers.

At the start of the GB you should decide what you are going to do after it's complete. Will you have a vote? Issue prizes on the results of the vote? Hold a raffle? If you are having prizes or a raffle then you should arrange sponsorship or ask for donations.

You should give timely notice when the GB is getting towards the end.

If a vote is held it must be set up as soon as practically possible after the end of the GB and closed after the agreed length of the vote. The results should be then posted and arrangements made for any prizes to be distributed. The poll must be placed in the 'seed' post of the gallery. (This can be done by doing a full edit on the post).

All polls and voting must be done using the forum's built in voting facilities.

Hosts should remind all members that have builds in a poll that canvassing/trolling for votes either on BM or other forums is not allowed.

If there are anny technical problems with GB that you can't manage or need help with, let the GB moderator know or if urgent, contact any Global Moderator.

All Group Builds will have a 'Gallery' of finished builds which will be a pinned thread. To prevent the gallery thread getting too big and therefore loading slowly, it is recommended that hosts set a limit of five pictures for each entry.

All Group Builds must have a pinned rules thread and a pinned chat thread. These will be set up by the GB mod. Hosts should add the rules to the relevant thread and then lock it.

There will be no For Sale, Wanted or Swap threads in the GB forum because this will allow unscrupulous people to breach the 100 post rule. Members can post in the For Sale/Wanted Forums and post a link in their build thread and or GB Chat.

No more than five threads can be 'pinned' in a Group Build Forum.

Hosts must refrain from adding too many posts at one time as this floods the front page with GB posts when the forums are viewed using the 'View New Posts' link. Hosts are also asked to discourage participating members from doing the same and to remind members not to do so if seen adding multiple posts.

At the start of any GB remind all entrants that GB banners included in signatures must conform to the signatures rules.

As a Host you will have elevated rights within your Group Build for the duration of the GB. These rights include the ability to Edit posts, hide and unhide posts, open and close posts. Please respect these elevated rights and if you're unsure in using them contact the Group Build Moderator or in their absence any Admin Moderator.

As a Host you will have access to a private discussion area. Please obey and respect the rules and privacy of this area.

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