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Posting Photos from Microsoft's OneDrive


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There are two ways of doing it, both of which revolve around the "View Original" button in the top of your OneDrive screen.

  • Click View Original, and copy the link with a right-click Copy Link Location
  • 1st Method, Click the image button, and paste in (CTRL+V) your link, removing the ? and everything after it. See the code below for an example OneDrive link.
  • 2nd Method, Paste the image code into an IMG tag using the raw editor, as below again removing the? and everything after it.
Your IMG tag starts out like this:


Pasting in the link after the = symbol leads to this:


Deleting everything after the question-mark results in:


Note the missing "?psid=1" - that confuses the forum software, and is typical Microsoft.

Don't paste that link into your browser if you're a bit squeamish, as it's a picture I happened on that was hosted on OneDrive. It's a hand with a bit of a cut in it, covered in plasters. You're going to do it now, aren't you? :rolleyes:

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