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K'Tinga Battle Cruiser Lighting Kit

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Just finished a commission for a lighting kit to go in the large 1:350 resin K'Tinga Battle Cruiser.

Video showing it off, kit includes static lights and operational nav beacons as well as front and aft Photon Torpedoes.

Currently its only a commission but if there is interest then I will add it to the range.

Thanks for looking.


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  • 8 months later...

I am looking to get hold of the 1/350 Ktinga. Do you mind if I ask how you got yours?


I have emailed the guy at Nice N Models but no reply. The website seems to suggest only US internal shipping?



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Hi Phil,


Apologies for the delay in posting.


I didn't have a kit, the lights were a commission build, I worked off photos and scaled up blueprints!


I think they do ship internationally but have heard they are slow to respond to e-mails, they were also at Wonderfest a couple of weekends ago so that may be a factor.

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