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A Silver 1/72 Airfix Spitfire XIX

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This Airfix Spitfire XIX was built to bring good luck - as Spitfire builds invariably do - to a troubled Vignette GB entry. The decals depicting a Malaya based 81 Squadron PR XIX are from Freightdog. Interestingly, this aircraft was not finished in an Aluminum lacquer, but was bare metal. I've attempted to replicate the finish with brushed on Model Master lacquer metalisers.

I saw Ced's Airfix XIX build and Beard's (Simon) silver Airfix F.22 build recently and knew a silver Griffon Spitfire would be just the thing - thanks for the inspiration fellas.

Here's a link to the only reference pic I could find online.






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Thanks At Sea!

Nicely done, although looking at the photo, I think it should have the four spoke hub wheels.

There's a few other things I'd have done to improve it, but it really is very lovely indeed.

Thanks Wooksta, I hemmed and hawed about the wheels, and knew I would choose poorly! It was meant to be a completely OOB mojo restoration effort but I added Special Hobby exhausts and scratch belly camera 'cans', and some wheel well detail. I think the best thing to improve the look (besides cutting on the nose and adding a spacer) would have been a Quickboost prop. What else did you have in mind?

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Basically fill in the spurious panel lines on the tips that align with the aileron hinge line and add the fuel tank vent pipes and a whip aerial or two.

I use the same markings for a whiffed PR21 a few years back but can't upload the photos as Facebook is being... uncooperative.

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FaaaaceboooOOOOOOOK! (I couldn't find a shaking fist emoji).

Thanks for the tips Wooksta, filed away for the next XIX.

I am a Social Media Professional. Allow me to help:


The Spitty looks excellent, Cookie. One of the best NMFs I've ever seen, I daresay.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone!

Thanks for expressing our innermost emotions about Facebook photo hosting Capt Kirk (and PC).

Tony, you're too kind. I looked everywhere for your Mk XIX, but couldn't find it - you may have a few stray 'likes' in you notifications though, as I found a few of your Spitfires I hadn't seen during my search. I also noticed that your name appears on the Freightdog sheet!

Here is a link explaining the technique I used for the metal finish. I mask off and do a few panels at a time, as I have trouble getting two brush 'loads' to blend together. I also like to mix the Aluminum with either Titanium or Magnesium in order to vary the finish slightly across the aircraft.

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