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Yakovlev Yak-3 - 1:48 Eduard Weekend Edition


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Yakovlev Yak-3
1:48 Eduard Weekend Edition


The YAK-3 had a slightly stop start entry into Russian service. Its origins can be traced back to a 1941 design the I-30. Like the original Yak-1 it was to feature a 20mm cannon firing through the propeller hub and two wing mounted machine guns. The armament was improved by the addition of a pair of wing mounted cannons. The first Yak-3 had a metal wing with slats, and the second a wooden wing to simplify production. The German invasion, and a shortage of aircraft grade alloys lead to the projects cancellation. Jump then to 1943 and Yakolev looked at improvements to the Yak-1 design. To make a lighter aircraft the wing was re-designed and the intakes moved to the wing roots. More use was made of wood in the new design as well. So good was the new aircraft that it was recommended that it replace the original Yak-1 & Yak-7. The new aircraft would be designated the Yak-3. As an addendum to the Yak-3 story in the late 1990s Yakolev would manufacture new build aircraft for the warbird market. These would feature an all metal construction and be powered by an Allison engine.

The Kit
Eduards YAK-3 has been with us now since 1998 and has seen many re-releases since then. the it arrives on two sprues of grey plastic, a clear sprue and a sheet of decals. The moulding is good and the detail crisp. There is no evidence of any deterioration of the moulds, no flash etc. Construction starts with cockpit. Interior parts are added to both sides and the rear decking behind the cockpit is added. Next the tail wheel part is added, the engine exhausts added and the main fuselage is closed up, adding the engine top cover which houses the guns.


The cockpit floor on the kit is moulded onto the top side of the upper wing. Once the main wings are joined together (conventional upper & lower construction) the seat is added with seat belts coming from the decal sheet. The control column and rudder pedals are added. Next up the side consoles are added along with the main instrument panel. Once all the cockpit details are in the wing can be joined to the main fuselage.


Next up the landing gear is constructed. The main wheel is two parts and added onto the main gear leg. These are then added to the main gear bay door. There is a scissor link to be added to the main leg. The legs and their retraction struts are then added onto the wing along with the smaller inner gear doors. The tailplanes are added along with the large ventral radiator. The tail wheel and its doors are then also added. Lastly the propeller is made up and added along with the canopy. Remember to add the rear pilots head armour before adding the canopy. Eduard give is a single, and multipart canopy.


Decals are provided for two aircraft, as seems to be the Weekend edition norm now.
  • White 15, Lt Semyon Ivanovich Rogovoi, 64th GIAP, 2nd Baltic Front, Autumn 1944.
  • White 6, Capt Marcel Albert, GC 3 Normandies, Niemen 1944/45.
It is great to see this kit re-released in a weekend edition. While the kit is not upto the latest Eduard standards it is by no means a slouch and certainly will build into a good looking model. Recommended.


Review sample courtesy of logo.gif

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