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here's my 1/72 Hasegawa Junkers Ju-88 G6 "Nachtjäger" of 6./NJG2, Fritzlar 1945.

I used Eduard photo-etch, True Details resin wheels, Schatton antennas and markings from Authentic Decals.

Painted with acrylics from the Gunze/Mr.Hobby range.


The Hasegawa kit has some fit issues, which is strange for a modern HQ tooling.

The fuselage halves need some filling and blending, the nose cap is over-sized, the wing tips and the belly insert with the guns don't fit very well either.



a_DSC0462_zpsegti4sns.jpgThe antennas are metal pieces from Schatton (http://www.modellbau-schatton.privat.t-online.de/).

They are much finer than the kit's plastic parts.

Since the antlers are a major focus point on this model I think they are well worth the investment!



The colour scheme is mostly guesswork, as I've found only one conclusive period photograph online;

this shows only a part of the fuselage section broken up at Fritzlar airport, Germany, May 1945.

The markings come from Authentic decals, they aren't the best I've ever worked with.

They break easily, have a yellow-ish carrier film and are slightly misprinted with 'shadow lines'.

Luckily, this doesn't show after a couple of gloss and matt cotes.




The camoflage was painted using Uhu Tac sausages:




Exhaust fumes painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby "Smoke" with drops of Black and Dark Brown added:


Delicate work on the undercarriage, adding brake lines and scissor links:




"Schräge Musik" ("Jazz Music") guns on the fuselage spine:




All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel, IGM Cars & Bikes.

Thanks for your interest.

Greetings from Vienna!

Edited by Roman Schilhart
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Another beauty Roman B)

I built this kit fairly recently and had the same fit problems with the nose and gunpack so I am glad to find that it wasn't just me! I also used the Authentic Decal set and found the same issues, they were a bit of a nightmare to use. Strange because I used a different set of theirs on a Bf110 and had no problems at all that I remember.

Still whatever the problems you had it doesn't show in the end result, an excellent model :)



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Very nice Roman, interesting scheme too. I really like how you presented the model of course, but also how you provided pictures of your painting process and links to the items which you felt made the build better.


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Hi Roman:

Nice job you have achieved, even tought you have trouble with the decals, got a great finish that is a real witness about your mastery. The details added are great chosen and got a great result. The paint job is wonderful and the antennae arrangement in aftermarket seem in this type of models a real must if the chosen one uis a great improvement.

Thank you very much for sharing!!!


Luis Alfonso

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