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Superb Service

Ray S

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Hello, I just want to say that I ordered two kits from Starling Models on the 12th August and they arrived on the 16th August. If you bear in mind that included a weekend, you can see why I am impressed. So thank you Mike at Starling, you are brilliant!

The kits I ordered were:

Niko 1/700 SS Ohio and AJM Model's Ascot Class Minesweeper (a paddle-steamer), and they look to be the bees knees too! I am so chuffed!

That will not be the last I order.

All the best, and thanks again,


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HI Ray

Thanks for the kind words, I'm doing my best to provide the best service I can with top quality items for the ship modeller so thank you for saying that. Pleased to hear you like the kits, have fun building them.



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